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The Only Solution: US, EU Help For China

In one year, China has used up $ 676 billion of its reserves, which had reached a total of $4 trillion. It could let the remimbi fall and restore monetary autonomy in order to lower rates and boost an economy which is in recession. But this only serves to worsen the volume of debt in dollars, which of course erodes the status it seeks for its currency. The only solution: EU, US help for China.

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The umpteenth Chinese bubble

BEIJING | July 10, 2015 | By Alberto Lebrón | Can you imagine a country capable of losing, in just three weeks, nearly five times what Greece owes the Troika? Chinese stock markets have lost ten billion yuan. In euros, that is almost one and a half billion, more than Spain’s entire GDP. 

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China: caught in the trap of cautious monetary reforms

Iris Mir | China continues to struggle to avoid being swallowed by the challenges that stifle its stagnant economy while developing a new monetary policy. The IMF applauded the steps taken so far and no longer considers the RMB an undervalued currency. However China remains too cautious in its monetary reforms. Risking the country’s ambitions of further internationalize the RMB and  the joining of IMF’s cherished Special Drawing Rights Basket.