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The Dragon’s Tail: What Would A 4% China Do To World’s Markets?

UBS | Our base case forecasts for China’s growth are already below consensus at 6.2% for 2016 and 5.8% for 2017. In this note we study the impact on global economies and assets of a much darker and, in our view, extremely unlikely scenario where China real GDP growth slips to 4%, and nominal growth below 1.5%.

China: It’s either pure growth or rebalancing

MADRID | The Corner | As markets continue to worry about China’s slowing growth, an increasing number of observers believe that Beijing is at a crossroads. Chinese authorities have a decision to make: should they choose  to simply focus on the numbers or to increase quality? According to a Morgan Stanley analyst on Thursday, it is a case of “either-or” for the Asian giant’s. With the country highly leveraged and its economic imbalances also coming into focus, the time appears to have arrived for the Chinese to plot a definitive roadmap for the way ahead.