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Something smells rotten in the City

Something Is Rotten In The City

Manuel Moreno Capa | As soon as Boris Johnson swept to victory in the UK general election of last December 12, he made two decisions that have not been welcomed by the City of London: the first, to reduce the transitional period of Brexit to one year (how naive he is if he thinks his tough stance will soften the positions already taken by Brussels); the second, to appoint a new Governor of the Bank of England not much liked by the markets.

The City’s One Thousand Wounds

The European financial center still cherishes the hope that the debt markets will brighten up before the end of the year. It would help if the catastrophic headlines stopped.

UK: Reputation can’t be bought at the supermarket

LONDON | By Víctor Jiménez | We leave the Thameslink station, in the southern section of Ludgate Hill Street that leads to the door of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. We are close to Square Mile. On our way to his office, the veteran financial journalist Jon Hay explains that Euromoney (one of the large market information publishing companies in Europe) has started to hire new reporters to cover, for instance, the latest data on the collateralised loan obligations (‘CLOs’), which are one of the debt structures that got deflated after the 2007 credit bubble burst. 

Financial sector welcomes UK oversight of Banking Union

BRUSSELS | By Alexandre Mato | The financial sector has been expecting a boost to support capital markets from the incoming EC President Jean-Claude Juncker. There has been widespread speculation as to what shape such a boost might take within the monetary union. However Britain´s opposition to Juncker´s appointment means expectations have been somewhat tempered.

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Can the City afford going the Thatcher way?

LONDON | The Swiss approach sounds exactly like the type of relation the eurosceptic Iron Lady wanted for Britain regarding the EU. But the path is punctuated by so many partial surrenders that it almost looks not worth the effort, the City appears to think.