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Royal Drama and Gürtel Case Stir Debate Over Corruption In Spain

MADRID | By Ana Fuentes and Julia Pastor | It’s been five years since the Gürtel case, the major corruption scandal that has rocked Spanish politics -187 people, 78 of them political figures and 61 businessmen targeted- . The same week, and for the first time in the country’s history, a direct member of the Royal family will testify before a judge on Saturday, over accusations of tax fraud and money laundering. Is Spain a more corrupt country than its neighbors or transparency is reigning at last? An interesting question as two major media moguls (El Mundo and La Vanguardia) known for speaking up have been relieved from their posts.

The economics of corruption

MADRID | By JP Marín Arrese | Serving the public is a life-long profession that should never get stranded in the pitfall traps of money.

The Spanish tax lease case may cause shock waves

MADRID | BY JP Marín Arrese | The piecemeal strategy in addressing unwarranted aids likely to grossly distort the allocation of resources might end up fuelling uncertainty and a massive stampede from investors.

Political instability weighs on Spain’s agenda

MADRID | The Spanish government has suddenly disappeared from Europe’s scene. In the midst of a deep recession it crosses fingers hoping the German general elections’ aftermath might break the current deadlock on financial mutualisation and help to reconstitute the Southern front.

Corruption deserves no mercy

MADRID | Spain has a lot to learn from political life in Britain or the US, where bipartisan broad agreement to engage into an objective and transparent way of working gives rise to thorough sensible proposals against corruption.

Corruption dirties Spain’s brand

MADRID | By Carlos Díaz Guell | “It is still necessary the voice of those championing common sense, stronger and more neat state structures, honest politics, innovation and more democracy.”

The self-indulgent City of London

By Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, analyst at XTB, in Madrid | Midsummers have often been marked by markets’ most abrupt movements and scares that have hit…