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Stock markets

Markets Start Waivering Ahead Of Bad News In The Pipeline

In the aftermath of Mr Trump’s victory, stock markets surged, building on promises of strong stimuli and sizeable tax breaks. As time goes on, they are reappraising the short-term outlook, since fundamental changes may take more than one year to materialise. No wonder investors are turning cautious, cashing in on early gains.

problems in 2017

Time Is Time: The Problems In 2016 Will Still Be There In 2017

I hate this endless temptation for bracketing time into what we call “years.” Time is time and, by definition, there are no interruptions. The problems which beset us in 2016 are still here, whether it’s terrorism or open warfare or Spain’s ingovernability. Thinking it’s going to be very different in 2017 is deceiving ourselves.

Donald Trump and Taxes

Donald Trump and the End of Liberal History

Joachim Koops | November 9, 2016, could become an American, transatlantic and global “Day of Fate” of another kind. The election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America is feared by some as leading to a US exit from liberal order.

US an empire

Donald Trump Will Shake Up Post-War World Order

A real estate tycoon and reality showman will head the world’s most powerful nation, winning an astonishing victory grounded on outright lies and a shallow promise to make America great. His roguish conduct, threats and abuse towards Hillary Clinton, migrants, women, disabled persons and servicemen killed in action, did not deter voters from supporting him.