European insolvent banks: the Council opts for bail-in 2.0

BARCELONA | By CaixaBank research team | The Eurogroup’s agreement contains another crucial point: the possibility of the ESM injecting funds directly into intervened banks and thereby weakening the link between bank risk and sovereign risk.

Angela Merkel sets the pace for the re-founding of Europe

BARCELONA | By Oriol Aspachs and Joan Daniel Pina, at CaixaBank research department | To date it is the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who has set the pace of Europe’s construction. Without purporting to be a great leader, Germany is fulfilling this role. 

How Austerity Broke European Stability

LUGANO | By Andrea Terzi, professor of Economics at Franklin College | All that is required is a political commitment that the euro is the currency of Europe and that it should be distributed in a sufficient volume to sustain overall growth and employment.

Spain on track for record number of tourists in 2017

Spanish tourism industry: full steam ahead

BARCELONA | By CaixaBank research team | The arrival of tourists from outside Europe has been key to boosting the Spanish tourism industry. Between January 2008 and December 2012, the number of non-European visitors rose by 1.5 million, an increase of 39.3%.