UK SMEs missing billions under digital austerity

LONDON | By Victor Jimenez | That the CBI has aired a word in favour of their smaller colleagues reveals the extent to which the real economy strives to free itself from the anti-pro austerity meaningless conflict.

Against a two-bloc Europe

MADRID | The construction of a Latin front that could counterbalance a few powerful neighbours to the north, led by Germany, is too simple a solution to the crisis and encourages the nationalism of old Europe, writes Javier Cercas.

Is Mario Draghi bothered?

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | Monetary policies are a by-product of politics, after all, and in Europe, politics are tightly controlled from Berlin, which will probably use the Fed’s reaction as example of what the ECB must do.

European economic growth

All you need is growth

MADRID | By JP Marín Arrese | As we move into troubled waters following the FED intention to taper off its massive asset buying scheme, the ECB is bound to take bold steps to protect both the European economies and the common currency. Otherwise we may run into severe turbulences in the coming months.

Banking union: advancing in fits and starts

BARCELONA | CaixaBank research | The German proposal for an alternative Banking Union are destined to fail: mere cooperation between national authorities would not guarantee that decisions are taken in the interest of Europe’s financial system as a whole.

Investment is crucial for growth

BARCELONA | By CaixaBank’s chief economist Jordi Gual | For an economy such as Spain’s that needs sustained flows of international capital, a crucial element will be its capacity to attract new international investment with a medium and long-term view.

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The myth of lower wages and job creation

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | Lower salaries do not always bring more employment. This is a myth. The liberalisation of the labour market is altogether another matter, and in some Eurozone countries–as Spain–we are still waiting for it to be implemented.