Spain Economic Forum in the US: start-ups also want a piece of the cake

NEW YORK  | Several of the top Spanish companies put on a big show this Friday at New York’s Nasdaq. Telefonica, Indra, Dragados, Santander, Iberia, Repsol and many more shared their perspectives at the Spanish Economic Forum in order to boost their image among American investors and break some stereotypes. But how much do these iniciatives help to build real muscle? On the to do’s list: showing more optimism and sharing the cake with the start-ups.

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Who is behind US economic recovery?

NEW YORK |The Federal Reserve is perhaps one of the most important political factors behind the slow but steady US economic recovery -the country is growing at a 2.5% pace a year despite Europe’s recession and China’s slowdown-. But also, and here comes a problem, America’s central bank could be behind the crazy Wall Street rally.

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ECB monetary policy runs in the opposite direction

LONDON/MADRID | The link between less liquidity and worse economic figures looks clearly defined by the extreme timidity of the ECB and the fact that Germany last March joined France, Italy and Spain in the contraction zone.

The impossible European deleverage

MADRID | The eurozone’s central bank should have acted as a last resort lender years ago, so peripheral economies would not have had to endure the punishment of excessive prices on market credit.

Cyber-democracy comes to Europe

By Juan Carlos de Martín | Responding to political crisis, a chorus of voices, such as Italy’s Five Star Movement, are calling for a transition to the direct participation that the Internet has made possible. However, the two systems should complement, rather than compete against each other.

Is austerity to blame?

MADRID | Cuts and tax rises cannot be considered by all means as negligible. Bur their real impact on disposable incomes does amount to a rather modest share, on average.

How British tabloids fuel euroscepticism

PRAGUE | The EU has ruled on the curves of cucumbers, forbidden hairdressers from wearing heels, and even financed a porn film. These urban legends about decisions taken in Brussels are as endless as they are false. And they all get the kiss of life in the same place: the British tabloids.