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EMU banking : well-behaved vs rogue systems?

MADRID | By Luis Martí | The European banking union project received a remarkable boost last December, even if a major chapter, the bank resolution fund, had to conform to German requirements and stay on a national basis. This part of the agreement is a moot point, and Southern countries should have raised their voices and taken a firm stand against, as Münchau also wrote, no matter the delay inflicted to the working agenda of the eurogroup.

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EU stress tests: Draghi gets nervous

MADRID | By JP Marin Arrese | Draghi’s acid comment that a number of banks had to fail the forthcoming ECB asset quality and stress tests to ensure their credibility, sounded like a warning on his resoluteness to undertake an unsparing check before taking over full supervisory powers. His scaremongering statement has being judged as wholly inappropriate for a central banker. A position he is well acquainted with.

European banks and the bailout tag

MADRID | By Francisco López | In spite of the frequent denials coming from Madrid, though, using that cash–officially it isn’t called a banking rescue but “financial assistance in favourable conditions”–would be a clever thing to do.

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Shopping in Europe

NEW YORK | While European companies and banks try to forget this annus horribilis, some US financial firms are rubbing their hands: under pressure from…