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Ferrovial’s Rafael del Pino to the Spanish government: “Cut tax burden”

MADRID | Speaking to the shareholders, Ferrovial Chairman Rafael del Pino called for prioritizing economic growth and strong companies to enable Spain to create jobs once again. Ferrovial Shareholders’ Meeting, held today in Madrid, passed all the items on the agenda, including a dividend payment charged to reserves amounting to 0.25 per share; the company already distributed 1 euro per share in December.

Brazil, China pull Heathrow airport to new passenger number record

LONDON | 5.6 million passengers passed through Heathrow in December, a record for the month and up 2.0% on December 2011. This took the number of passengers for 2012 to almost 70 million, the highest ever for a calendar year at Heathrow, and an increase of 0.9% compared with 2011.

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Ferrovial reports 488.5 million euro profit

MADRID | Ferrovial reinforced its international footprint. Sales outside Spain accounted for 63% and international projects accounted for 63% of the combined Construction and Services backlog, which totalled 22.460 billion euro.