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The high yield investment case revisited

Guest Post by Olivier Debat (UBP) | High yield CDS indices combine a liquidity advantage, an interest rate advantage (no exposure) and a valuation advantage. Thus, we believe that investors concerned about high yield liquidity, its sensitivity to rates or its valuation should switch to high yield CDS indices to gain exposure to the high yield market.

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ECB: Not only a question of liquidity

LONDON | By Barclays analysts | The two most important events for the market are at the end of the week – the ECB meeting and US employment report. Although no policy change is expected from the ECB, the market will be paying close attention to cues for a potential move in December.

U.S. Government Shutdown: A Storm Pushes Through the Markets

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo |The clock is ticking: if Congress can’t agree to budget terms, parts of the federal government will shut down by Monday midnight. But markets have reacted differently than expected to this political pulse between Democrats and Republicans.