low interest rates

Interest rates

Who or what is to blame for such low interest rates?

DWS | Although many experts accuse central banks, private sector savings and investment trends are equally important. Eurozone sovereign debt yields have rebounded since the August lows but remain firmly anchored in negative territory. The question is not whether the ECB will raise its interest rates again but how to create an environment in which companies are willing to invest to generate profitability and that part of that profitability returns to the lenders. 

normalisation of interest rates

Interest Rates Dropped 450 bp To Record Lows Over The Last 30 Years

Interest rates have dropped 450 bp to record lows over the last 30 years. And they are at this level because the desire to invest and take a risk is lower than ever. It’s the weak demand from investment funds, not the central bank’s supply, which is the reason for the almost flat interest rate curve.


BIS proposes sadomonetarism to promote recovery

July 1, 2015 | By Benjamin Cole via Marcus NunesHistorinhas | The central banker’s club known as the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), suitably HQ’ed in Basel, Switzerland, this past weekend released its annual report, and advocated the globe’s major central banks raise interest rates to combat the chronic lack of aggregate demand and low inflation-deflation dogging the world’s developed economies.