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Oil: dipping below USD 60 as fears become fact

Oil Prices: Dipping Below 60 $ As Fears Become Fact

The Corner | For the second time this month, oil prices dropped below 60 $ per barrel. Growth concerns and a bearish market mood drove the latest sell-off, but fundamentals are now adding to the price pressure. US oil inventories swelled unexpectedly and led to a drop in oil prices.

Repsol: intuitive purchase with short term potential return of 10%

Morgan Stanley |  With oil up 30% YTD, fairly decent quarterly figures, dividends easily covered, with potential to grow and clearly above a market without upside, and with a process of positive profit revisions, we insist in dedicating half an hour to two ideas which are now being oversold and which have lost all they gained in Q1 and which their high dividend is clearly attractive in the market and which we believe could have returns of around 10% in the relatively short term.

The Strait of Hormuz was temporarily closed by Iran

Oil Prices: What If The Strait Of Hormuz Was Temporarily Closed By Iran?

A key issue that President Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly helped highlight was the rising tensions in the Gulf. As one measure of this, analysts at BNY Mellon note that “while it’s tempting to dismiss this as saber-rattling by both sides, the debate over Iran’s ability to close the Strait of Hormuz has been going on since the early 1980s.”

The oil price has risen 70% in the last 12 months, from 45$/ barrel for Brent in June 2017 to around 80$ in May 2018

Oil Sector: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

For any investor who believes that $70/barrel is more or less the right price, then the European oil firms are currently fairly priced. Alphavalue recently upped their earnings forecasts to include $70/barrel as a new normality. This leaves the sector with an upside potential of +6% on a 6-month horizon.

Global oil demand continues to grow at a rapid pace

Geopolitics Could De-Anchor Long Dated Oil

Near-dated crude oil prices have rallied on robust demand and falling inventories, but long-dated prices have not moved. BoAML’s analysts see close to 1.5 mn b/d of output oil facing some risk of disruption, primarily across Venezuela, Iran, and Libya.

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Oil: Finally Settling Above USD 70?

Oil continues to flirt with USD 70 per barrel and it remains to be seen if prices are able to lastingly settle above this much-watched level with the latest up move. Global growth optimism, the bullish market mood and technical momentum still provide robust support.


oil prices prospects

Oil: Erosion In Middle East’s Supply-Deal Confidence

Energy markets has been taking a beating with oil and natural gas prices down across the board. For once, the fundamental news flow was ample. The US Energy Administration reported their weekly set of data, which showed a stronger-than-expected increase of crude oil and oil products in storage.