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Spain: The Election Debate that Changes Little

Shaun Riordan | The other oddity of the debate was the almost complete absence of policy. Many commentators have already noted the absence of economic policy from the election campaign. Last night there was no mention of health or the key issue of further reform of the labour market.

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Podemos or Spanish radical’s economics

MADRID | By JP Marín ArreseThe radicalism of Podemos (we can) has won widespread popular support in Spain, scoring an astonishing result in the latest European Parliament election. It now runs a bitter neck-and-neck race alongside the two mainstream political parties. Its charismatic leader, Pablo Iglesias, has delivered devastating blows to  opponents across the board, mercilessly portraying them as a corrupt “caste” all too eager to preserve their petty privileges, while bending to   wealthy establishment’ interests. Yet, in an open bid for power, Podemos has undertaken a sweeping U-turn, transforming itself into a conventional party. Its leader has taken over as General Secretary and immediately launched discussions for setting up an economic manifesto.