Persistently problematic productivity

May 22, 2015 | UBS | Why has real GDP growth been surprisingly weak compared to job gains? Why do some economists expect only slowly-trending GDP expansion in the coming years? Why has the unemployment rate fallen more often than expected? 

US & UK: Siamese twins? Up to a point

SAO PAULO  | By Marcus Nunes via Historinhas | NGDP and RGDP trends are rather similar in both countries. The main question is: Why is the UK´s labor market so much more exuberant?

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Where Has Productivity Growth Gone?

WASHINGTON | By Pablo Pardo | Progress, what progress? We live in an era of endless technological possibilities. Or so they say. We have drones to bomb every soul in the remotest desert; GPS to avoid getting lost while paying a visit to our in-laws (it remains to be seen if that is actually a good thing or not); cellphones to tell us how many calories we have burnt during a walk; robots to play the nurses’ role in hospitals (and sometimes they’re even nicer); and, soon, we will see driverless cars which, according to those who have tried them, are way safer than the current, human-controlled ones. In the meantime, this article is being written from Washington, DC, and it will be edited and posted online in New York, on a London-based website.