Spanish public debt

Fiscal rectitude lags behind in Spain

Spain’s public deficit ranks as the highest one in the eurozone, with the exception of Cyprus. Up to now, a set of exceptional circumstances has allowed for a stance of benign neglect at visible cost. But dangers loom ahead if fiscal rectitude is not firmly enforced.

1 million new jobs in Spain?

MADRID | Sean Duffy | Yesterday brought positive data on the housing front and on job creation, with Spanish bank BBVA prediciting the economy will reap considerable benefits from the falling oil price.


Foreign money comes back to Spain

MADRID | By Fernando Barciela | Last year, according to the World Investment Report 2014 by the UNCTAD, Spain received more foreign direct investment (FDI) than countries as the United Kingdom, Germany or Holland: up to $39,167 billion (52.4% more than in 2012). Who are boosting the investment activity? The so-called vulture funds are the ones that first noticed Spain’s “possibilities”: Lone Star, Cerberus, Burlington, GreenOak, Colony, Fortress or H.I.G –most of them North Americans.

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Norway bets on Spain

MADRID | The Corner | The Norway Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) is the World’s biggest sovereign wealth fund. Managed by an investment unit of the central bank (NBIM) it counts with $900 billion under management, focusing on Europe. Lately its interest in Spain goes beyond the usual sectors: financial, construction and energy.

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Spain’s unemployment registers its best numbers in 19 years

MADRID | The Corner | The number of unemployed people registered in the Public Services of Employment has fallen to 4,512,116. It dropped by 14,688 people in November with respect to the previous month. This represents the best figure for November since records began in 1996, according to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. The unemployment rate has now fallen for three consecutive months

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Eurozone absorbs 50% of the Spanish exports

MADRID | The Corner | One of the risks of the Spanish economy is the significant lost of dynamism in the Eurozone. The latest data of the balance of trade published on Monday explain such fear. Thus, the Spanish exports registered last September a year-on-year rate of 9.6% (-5.1% from the previous month).

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Spain will grow in 2014… hampered by Europe’s stagnation

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | It is likely that the Spanish government will revise  its growth forecasts upwards for the country in 2014, but only by one tenth of a percentage point-to 1.3%. This is  likely to be the submission that the Ministry of Economy together with the Ministry of Finance will give to the next Council of Ministers.