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“Spain Concentrates More Than Other Coutries On The Quality Of Exports”

Mari Pinardo / Raúl Poza | The global context of trade suffers a slowdown but that’s not in all countries and Spain is an exception. Chris Papageorgiou, who is Deputy Unit Chief at International Monetary Fund, recently pointed to The Corner that  “probably this expansion is not more things being exported, is less things but more expensive.”

Not Everything In The Economy Is About Exports

Spain’s exports now account for 33% of GDP, 10 percentage points higher than in 2008.  There is nothing better than focusing the magnifying glass on the desired point, leaving everything else out of the picture, to behave like a perfect Pangloss. As you know, Pangloss is that character from Voltaire’s Candide who said that we lived in the best of all worlds because there was none better.

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Spain Trade Deficit Pushed Down by 67% in July By Record Exports

MADRID | The Corner Team | Exports are pumping fresh air into the Spanish economy. The recession-hit country’s trade deficit plunged by a further 53.5 per cent in July, officials said on Friday. The government is banking on foreign trade to be an engine of the recovery.

Spain bets on exports

MADRID | By JP Marin Arrese | The Spanish government claims its structural reforms are paying off. For several months in a row unemployment performance has markedly improved, rising hopes to curb the current staggering level: more than one in four workers queuing in the dole. It also helps that exports are growing at 8% rate, allowing to save jobs and keep the economy running.

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Spain’s exports exceed €334.5bn in 3Q 2012

Exports of goods and services, which already account for 33% of GDP, have been one of the best surprises during the crisis. They are the only component of aggregate demand that has exceeded the pre-crisis level, becoming the real lever for exiting from the crisis, according to BBVA Research’s Economic Watch.