Spain housing prices

Spanish foreign tourism hits new record with 83.7 M visitors in 2019 and a spending rising 2.8%

Housing prices in Spain rose +3.6% in 2019

The average price of housing in Spain in 2019 increased by 3.6% last year. Only in December it experienced an increase of + 1.2%, according to the real estate valuation company Tinsa.  The Mediterranean coast accumulates three consecutive months of price falls.

More sustainable growth in Spanish housing market

More sustainable growth in Spanish housing market: prices will rise c.5% in 2019-20

Caixabank Research | The Spanish housing sector is entering a more mature phase in the cycle, characterised by a weakening in growth in demand and prices. The factors which support the expansion of the housing market (creation of employment, favourable financial conditions and elevated external demand) continue evolving positively but are losing dynamism.