spain unemployment rate

Spain approaches cycle maturity: urged to correct current imbalances and weaknesses

Omissions In The Bank Of Spain’s 2017 Report On Spain’s Financial And Banking Crisis

Pablo Fernández | The “Report on the financial and banking crisis in Spain, 2008-2014” published by the Bank of Spain last May is 252 pages long, but omits important facts and dates. The most surprising thing is that it seems to assume that the financial and banking crisis in Spain was the result of “contagion” from the ‘”international financing crisis”.

spain unemployment rate

Spain unemployment rate climbs to 23.78% although more jobs reported

The Corner | April 23, 2015 | The number of unemployed Spaniards decreased in the first quarter of 2015 by 13,100 people, and reached the figure of 5,444,600, according to the official Employment Active Population survey released on Thursday (23.78% of the active population). “The employment survey seems to be the only one of which the government is not afraid,” famous radio host Carlos Alsina ironized, referring to Mr Rajoy’s cabinet struggle to contain the fallout from a tax investigation against former senior leader of the party and IMF head Rodrigo Rato.