Spain unemployment

Spain has highest proportion of contracts of 6 months or less

Inequality is not Spain’s problem. Unemployment is

Miguel Navascués | The winner of the recent elections, Pedro Sánchez, defined his objective in the previous debates with great precision: to end the increasing inequality in Spain. But inequality is not the main problem in Spain, it does not even have the nature of a problem. To begin, it is not increasing.

“The most urgent problem in Spain is unemployment: you need to get it down to 5%”

Fernando G. Urbaneja | Chairman of the Círculo de Empresarios (Business Round Table in Spain ), John de Zulueta is an experienced member of the Board of Directors of various international firms. From his managerial post as President of the Sanitas Group (BUPA Group), he turned the company into the leader of its market. He is also Vice-President of the Innovation Bankinter Foundation and was member of the Advisory Council of 3i Europe. He spoke to us about how to fix Spain’s labour market (unemployment rate is 14.7%, according to April 25th data), where there are currently “135,000 technological jobs vacant which cannot find the people to fill them.”


Is it possible to reduce unemployment in Spain to 5%?

Fernando G. Urbaneja | John De Zulueta, President of the Circle of Businessmen, believes that Spanish society should aspire to reduce unemployment to 5%, and argues that this would liberate more than €26 billion for savings and investment, public or private, in short for a greater prosperity.

Unemployment in Spain: that accursed seasonality

Caretaker Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is stubbornly holding on to his target-promise that Spain can create 20 million jobs by 2020 if the current economic policy is maintained. But the reality of the Spanish economy is just as obstinately demonstrating that there are very considerable holes.

Spain July unemployed falls to lowest level since August 2009

It’s good news for Spain’s economic recovery. The number of unemployed people registered with Spain’s public employment services dropped by 83,993, or 2.2%, in July from June to 3.683.061 million, the lowest level since August 2009. It was also the biggest fall in the month of July since 1997.

Spanish jobless rate drops to a still painful 20%

Summer’s here and so are seasonal contracts. The latest employment survey showed the jobless rate in Spain went down to 20% in Q2, its lowest level since the summer of 2010. And yet employment is still a heavy burden for Spaniards, Greece being the only EU country with a higher rate.