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October marks a new low level of NPLs in Spain

Spanish banks NPLs ratio fell to 8.22% in October, over one percentage point lower than a year earlier. Recently published figures from the Bank of Spain show that the pace of the decline in NPLs accelerated in October, registering an anual 12.52% drop (-11.64% in September).

Spanish banks return 37% of floor clauses demands

Spanish Banks Return 37% Of Floor Clauses Demands, Reject 20%

Spanish banks have returned 1.5 billion euros in cash to more than 350.000 people affected by the floor clause, with whom the lenders reached an agreement after they filed a claim. This is according to figures presented by the banks at September 30, via the Commission which was set up last April to monitor the issue.

The role of bank branches in the euro area

The Role Of Bank Branches In The Euro Area

Against a backdrop of unstoppable digitalisation, one of the objectives for the banks at the moment is to find a balance between their physical branches and this new digital approximation which clients want.

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Spanish Banks And Real Estate: A Key Part Of The Story

In Spain banks stocks, particularly Santander, play an unusually important role in driving the index Ibex35.To understand the prospects for the Spanish banks (and ipso facto, the overall index), it is crucial to have a handle on the health of the domestic real estate market,” confirms Goldman Sacha experts.

Monetary Union: Single Resolution Mechanism

Achieving an optimum, sustainable monetary union over time

José Luis M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) |Supervision and a single resolution mechanism for the banks, along with a common deposit guarantee, are undoubtedly an essential part of monetary union. In the medium-term, however, greater fiscal convergence, with a more extensive mutualisation of risk in the region, are just as important.

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Spanish Banks Have Refinanced Or Restructured Over 10% Of Existing Mortgages

J.L. M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) | The Spanish banks have made a big effort over the last few years to provide solutions for more than a million households experiencing difficulties in meeting their mortgages repayments. We estimate that over 10% of current existing mortgages have been refinanced or restructured.


Spanish banks

The Level Of Consolidation In Spanish Banks Is Above European Average

The ECB’s preliminary report on the structural financial indicators relating to the EU banking industry flag that the number of banking subsidiaries fell 4.8% in 26 countries last year, without taking into account figures from the UK and Ireland because they were not yet available. There were 28,807 bank branches in Spain at end-2016, compared with 32,026 in Germany, 37,261 in France or 29,335 in Italy. The figures also show the level of consolidation in the banking sector, measured by the share of assets held by the five largest lenders.

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The Banks Sweep On The ECB Ahead Of Expected Rate Hikes

The certainty that we are on the threshold of a phase of consistent interest rate rises – the Fed could implement two or three further hikes this year – is spurring the European banks to endow themselves with liquidity from the ECB, at low prices.