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What About Spain’s Slowdown?

In the next quarter and the following one, we will obviously see an uptick in growth because of the tourist season. But after that, we will see a more marked slowdown, for a variety of reasons, with the first one being the impact of Brexit. But if this is going to lead to recession, I don’t know. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I don’t rule it out.

New Spanish Deficit Forecast: Key Is How To Cut 14 Bn€ in under a year

The government has raised its deficit forecast for this year to 3.6%, thus failing to comply with the objective agreed with the European Commission (2.8%). But Guindos is confident that the Spanish economy will be able to apply an adjustment equivalent to 1.4 percentage points of GDP, over 14 billion euros. But the experts do not believe that the economy can deal with such a large adjustment.

Brussels gives Spain a pass mark on growth, but fails it on deficit

The Spanish economy is in the “champions league” in terms of GDP growth, but has failed the deficit, unemployment and debt exams. The autumn forecasts from the European Commission raised the deficit non-compliance to 4.7% of GDP for this year and 3.6% for 2016, well off the levels of 4.2% and 2.8%, respectively, previously agreed with Brussels.

“Spain Has Managed To Gain A Position On The World Stage”

Fernando Barciela | Spain has some abilities, which were inconceivable three decades ago. A position which has been achieved through our companies’ hard work,” says Regino Moranchel, former CEO of Indra, the leading Spanish technological company and one of the four most important European companies by stock market capitalisation.