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Does The Stock Market Reflect Macro Economy Or Vice Versa?

Francisco López |The OECD has once again downgraded its outlook for global growth, especially for the Eurozone. It will only grow 1.4% this year, almost half a percentage point less than the previous forecast in November. But is the downwards revision the result of the sharp drop in share prices, or is it the stock market which is in fact anticipating that growth will slow in the coming months?

Ibex: -5.8% in the first 5 sessions of August

MADRID | By J. J. Fdez-Figares (LINK) | European stocks closed yesterday again with notable declines -with the exception of the Swiss- pressured by a complicated geopolitical scenario, while the macroeconomic figures in the region continue to disappoint. Thus, European stock markets began the day in negative tone after economic sanctions agreed by Russia against the European countries and with the speculation that the country will send troops to Ukraine. The Spanish index Ibex 35 goes through the worst beginning of August since 2011.

Is the Stock Market Predictable?

SHANGHAI | By Hong Hao via Caixin | A great amount of research shows bourse trends can be foreseen, even if those for individual stocks cannot. Is the stock market predictable? It has been a haunting question. As early as 1900, in his doctorate dissertation titled The Theory of Speculation, Louis Bachelier laid out in some 70 pages why predicting stock prices would be futile.