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Brexit storm approcahing

The UK And The Brexit Storm Which Is Approaching

Top economists and heads of UK institutions and companies are demanding a clear strategy from Downing Street on how the government will collaborate to weather the Brexit storm. Many are sceptical about the overly-optimistic picture painted by Theresa May and Philip Hammond about the economic future.

UK Budget: Deja-Vu, All Over Again

The Chancellor’s latest Budget saw the cumulative forecast for government borrowing over the next five years revised up by close to GBP 40bn. This reflects both weaker cyclical growth and also the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) taking a gloomier view on UK trend productivity growth.

Brexit needs scope and time for creative thinking

The UK’s Twin Deficits, The Budget And Brexit

UBS |  The focus in the Brexit debate is often on the UK’s relatively large current account deficit. This is understandable, as a period in which Foreign Direct Investment was harder for the UK to attract in a post-Brexit world would likely imply the current account would need to correct.

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UK Budget: Summertime Love

LONDON | July 9, 2015 | UBS | At one simplistic level the UK budget contained only ‘small’ news, with the net borrowing forecasts not changing too much. But the reality was this was a budget with a huge number of important announcements. For one, it reduced the near-term pace of fiscal consolidation. For another, it spelt out how the government intends to reduce the size of the welfare state.