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May Day’s long read: Sex, Demography, and the Future of the European Union

The Fair Observer | It is easy to say that Europeans should have more sex. Demography is destiny, after all, or so it has seemed for millennia, and what could be better than sleeping your way to world power? Despite the financial crisis, a diminishing birth rates and seemingly unsustainable welfare states, Glenn Carle believes German leadership might offer a solution for structural reform in Europe.

Münchau’s hazardous panic game

MADRID | By Javier Arce, editor at Revista Consejeros | Commentary scaring savers–whether in Cyprus, Spain, Italy or France–smells of negligence at the very least. In Spain, where we had to face capital outflows of over €200 billion in 2012, we are particularly aware of it.

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The forging of a UK-Nordic-Baltic bloc

By James Kilcourse, researcher at the Institute of International and European Affairs | Has the UK successfully forged an alliance with other “awkward partners” of Brussels? If the situation in the EU’s southern periphery deteriorates further, the ideas that emerge from the annual Northern Future Forum may become ever more influential.

UK, ruling the wAAAves

The leading three rating agencies seem to be very myopic with regards to the United Kingdom and the United States. Would they saw through the branch on which they were sitting?, asks George Dorgan, investment portfolio manager.

Bring the Pickles scheme on over the EU

LONDON | Calls for further fiscal integration of the euro country members come extremely timely. Besides, they tackle the heart of the absurd problem that…