US elections

New elected US president Donald Trump

US Elections: Perspectives May Not Be That Gloomy

A stock market catastrophe has been announced if Donald Trump won. However, after the intitial shock, most of European financial places, except Ibex, have closed, upwards. Despite Mr. Trump is a political newcomer we may not understimate his capacity of turning his latest endeavor into a success.

US Elections: The Time Has Come

Deutsche AM | Should investors care about political campaigns? As we argued in the CIO View Special introducing our 2016 U.S. elections watch, it is easy to get carried away by rash campaign promises in the ups and downs of 24-hour news cycles

US Elections: Looking Into A Trump Victory

AXA IM | Markets have reacted to his trade policy proposals, but implications are more far-reaching. A key macroeconomic difference between Clinton and Trump victories is the short-term cyclical outlook, with a more forceful fiscal stimulus under a Trump presidency. This would imply Clinton win (baseline) stronger GDP growth, steeper Fed tightening, a stronger dollar and higher US treasury yields.

Obama, Romney and squaring the deficit

Enric Fernández, in Barcelona | In spite of their differences, both candidates are aware that the country needs a credible adjustment plan. And, in fact, neither the United States nor the world economy can allow themselves to prolong, for too long, the uncertainty regarding the sustainability of the public finances of the world’s leading economy.

Obama wins his first vote from Bernanke

Two months before the US general elections, the Federal Reserve activates a package of expansionary monetary policy that will artificially inject life into the US economy. Carlos Díaz sees this is a vote for Obama.