BIS, money and the “prolonged depression”

The charts illustrate how “tight money” has shaped the “Prolonged Depression”, and there´s no indication that that state of affairs is about to change (just read some of the “excited” comments on the latest jobs report). It’s human nature: over time it will just become the “normal state of affairs”, or the “new normal”, which some spoilers insist in calling the “Great Stagnation”! [Note: the trends start in 1992]

























Update: Couldn’t resist this one:

Two of the world’s most powerful women of finance sat down for a lengthy discussion Wednesday on the future of monetary policy in a post-crisis world: U.S. Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen and International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde. Before a veritable who’s-who in international economics packing the IMF’s largest conference hall, the two covered all the hottest topics in debate among the world’s central bankers, financiers and economists.

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