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Standard & Poor’s dumps Spanish debt

Market reaction to Spanish sovereign downgrade by the ratings agency may not have shown visible concerns on Thursday, but the credibility of Madrid’s and Berlin’s recovery plans is ebbing away.


ESM’s dummy guns won’t deter looters

The European Stability Mechanism, the euro bailout fund, was designed to avoid a rapidly approaching doomsday scenario. But Germany’s tendency to backtrack in the last moment will only scare investors even more. Market pressure on Madrid is mounting again.


The LatAm lifeline of Spain’s big banks

Spain’s largest banks have built up a bigger footprint in Latin America to hedge against recession-hit European markets. Their bet is now paying off. The economies of the region are still expanding.


The bailout and Spain: a guide, so far

Luis Martí, former World Bank director, briefs us about the map of a no-one’s land where the Spanish government seems to be wandering in search of Brussels help to face its financial needs.


No one ready to foot the Euro rescue bill

What exactly is Germany doing? It may succeed in shying away from the rescue bill now but it risks loosing the euro area market. Economist JP Marín Arrese warns the collapse of the common currency is not far from becoming a very real threat.

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US Achilles’ heel flashes a € sign on it

The US Federal Reserve can apply monetary measures as often as it wishes, but there is one factor that escapes its command and, nevertheless, stops markets from recovering. It’s called the euro.