The days Spanish bonds lived dangerously

NEW YORK | As the European Central Bank signaled it may resume asset purchases if needed to stem the crisis, the yield on Spanish 10-year bonds slid to 5.82%. Notwithstanding the last few days Spanish bonds went under the unwanted spotlight: yields on the 10 years bonds rose to nearly 6% on Tuesday, the highest since January. In less than two months, Spain’s interest rate has risen about one point….

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Barclays’ Alberto Vigil: “markets will pressure Germany and trust more Spain”

MADRID | According to Alberto Vigil, analyst at Barclays in Madrid, the peripheral euro risk and particularly Spain’s has been exaggerated by the markets, which would be discounting an economic situation perceived as poor and with a very limited range of choices. Yet, Vigil maintained an optimistic opinion and said investors will reconsider their position when reviewing the strengths of the country. “Spain could have done its reforms much better, but…


Dwindling confidence in Spain

MADRID | People at command in Madrid seem baffled by the massive onslaught inflicted on the economy. A steeply rising risk premium coupled with the severe battering the stock market is receiving have dampened any hope to steer out of trouble with minor collateral damage. The dream of a soft landing has switched into the nightmare of plausible intervention. Fear to fall in that abyss has materialised in a rather hectic…


Equities don’t like it when Quantitative Easing ends, warns Morgan Stanley

From a Morgan Stanley research note, a cautionary tale on what happens when the US Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing tap is closed and, more globally, when central banks stop supporting currently struggling economies in the developed countries. Analysts describe QE termination as one of the main risks of the next stage in the cycle… in Europe, too. “Our analysis of European equities around the first hike by the Fed historically…

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Newton GDB Fund: “austerity is not for weak economies”

LONDON | In a report to investors in London, Newton Global Dynamic Bond Fund, which is part of Bank of New York Mellon, noted that political decisions taken by the European Comission regarding the euro crisis are a source of worry for the markets. In fact, plans to tackle weak economies in the periphery may be raising the chances of default. Newton GDB Fund said that its portfolios have increased…

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US financial press put Spain under the spotlight

NEW YORK | It’s been a bad day for Spain in Wall Street’s most read media. The tepid bond auction is to blame: Spain sold a total of $3.43 billion in bonds with maturities between 2015 and 2020, near the bottom of its target volume. Spain expected to sell between $3,28 billion and a planned maximum of $4,6 billion. There was a weaker demand and therefore it had to pay…


The US cannot bury its head in the sand for much longer

LONDON | Another day spent with the euro area teasing markets’ anxieties, another voice in the background alerting of a wall of trouble building up on the other side of the Atlantic. The US budget deficit is reaching a size many feel uncomfortable about: in Wednesday’s fundamentals briefing, Legal & General Investment LGIM suggested that the outlook for US debt is actually worse than most people currently believe. “Not many…


Ibex35 outperforms Stoxx50 by 1.8% in March

MADRID | Equity trading in Bolsas y Mercados Españoles BME dropped by 25% year on year in March. Total equity volume traded reached €176.935 billion during the first quarter of 2012, which represents a 28.5% fall, too. But analysts at Bankia Bolsa say we should put things in context before letting ourselves go with the flow of hopelessness that has lately surrounded everything economic and Spanish. Where is the key…

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“The financial system won’t generate again wealth, jobs like in the last 30 years”

By Tania Suárez, in Madrid | Manuel Sousa Andrade is head of investment services and trading at Saxo Bank. Sousa proposes that if we want to get out of the current crisis, it’s necessary to get rid of the wrongs of the past and to change investors’ habits. Regarding the public debt, you say that investors want to ‘protect themselves’ and that’s why they ask for ever higher yields. Can…


Fidelity: investors should look again into equity of European companies

LONDON | For all the mayhem some peripheral countries of the euro zone are meant to be causing nowadays, a few investor notes circulate throughout the City with eager eyes looking into opportunities in the European Union. For instance, at investing house Fidelity, analysts pondering about equity income say that the euro region’s debt crisis appears to have gone into a period of remission after the combined impact of a…