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Italian elections

Italians vote: vaffanc*lo!

By Marcus Nunes, economist and author | If you followed the results of the Italian general election, you would probably be wondering: what will happen to the “growing investor confidence” the European Commission was talking about?


Monetary policy of the future

BARCELONA | By CaixaBank research | Compared with its pre-crisis size, the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve in the US has tripled while the European Central Bank’s has only doubled.

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The forging of a UK-Nordic-Baltic bloc

By James Kilcourse, researcher at the Institute of International and European Affairs | Has the UK successfully forged an alliance with other “awkward partners” of Brussels? If the situation in the EU’s southern periphery deteriorates further, the ideas that emerge from the annual Northern Future Forum may become ever more influential.


Italy’s Lombardian cross | By Marc Semo | As the most populated and wealthy region in the country, Lombardy will play a key role in the outcome of the Italian legislative elections scheduled for February 24 and 25. However, troubled by the lack of ethics among politicians, the region’s all-important Catholic vote is more undecided than ever.


Don’t give up on the EU just yet

By Chris Kendall | The nation state is no more ‘natural’ a political unit than any other, including the EU. Arguments against the EU which are premised on the notion that the nation state has more legitimacy are fundamentally flawed.

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Eurozone’s politicians got austerity wrong

By non-profit German political foundation Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung | Eurocrisis, austerity policy and the European social model: how crisis policies in southern Europe threaten the EU’s social dimension.