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Faes Farma To Expand Its Industrial Capacity With New Production Plant In The Basque Country

Renta 4 | Faes Farma will expand its industrial capacity with a new production plant in Derio (Vizcaya) in order to meet the strong growth expected by the company beyond 2024. The estimated investment will be around €150 M. This will be implemented over the next 4 years and will require an increase in staff of about 200 workers. The new plant will be located in the Zamudio Technology Park, with the potential to manufacture more than 100 M units of medicines. 

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Current EU major challenges-Brexit and Italy budget- move but still remain stranded

The Cut In Spain’s Current Rating Could Lead To A Downgrade Of Over 50% Of Companies In 18 Months

Moody’s points out that Spanish public debt is at maximum levels for a century. Thus, it will take into account in its next rating reviews whether the Spanish government presents a credible plan to reverse the fiscal deterioration aggravated by Covid-19. A downgrade of the current rating (Baa1 with a stable outlook) could lead to the downgrade of more than 50% of Spain’s companies’ in 18 months. Even so, this warning is not exclusive to Spain (public debt/GDP 120%), as there are other countries with high debt problems (Italy 158%, Greece 200%, Portugal 137%).