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Hispania is Spain's largest hotel owner

Leisure, Tourism And Hotels: What Will Be, Will Be In A Sector Battered By Covid19

Banco Sabadell | The hotel sector is one of the worst off after the irruption of Covid-19. Travel, both leisure and especially business, has almost completely disappeared. This has led to hotel closures and occupancy levels below 20% in some months. The airlines’ perspectives could be a good proxy in order to try to find out what could happen with hotel demand. IATA forecasts that the number of global passengers will be 61% lower in 2020 compared to 2019. Our forecast of a drop in occupancy is -66% in NH Hotels and -67% in Meliá Hotels.  

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Endesa Will Invest More Than €30 M In The Largest LNG Supply Center For Gas-Powered Ships In Spain

Endesa has launched a project for the development of bunkering activities for maritime transport in its port terminal of the Bay of Algeciras (Cadiz). This will have a storage capacity of around 4,080 cubic meters and an annual managed energy volume of 1,100 GWh. With this capacity, the terminal would become the main LNG bunkering port station in Spain. The country multiplied by more than three its LNG bunkering operations in 2019, with a total of 195 that supplied a total of 81,704 cubic meters of LNG.