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9.1% Of Spanish Companies Improved Their Machinery Equipment In 2020

New machinery is one of the main tools for introducing R&D contributions to the productive processes. In Spain, for every company working with obsolete machinery there are 45 companies improving their production capacity. The phenomenon also occurs in the improvement of production facilities, although it is less intense. Seven percent of companies have recently modernized their workspace, compared to 0.4% operating in areas in poor condition, according to data from nearly 250,000 interviews carried out by Iberinform in 2020.

Neinor Homes And Rival Quabit Revolutionise Real Estate Industry: Create Spain’s Second Largest Group

Banca March | The Neinor group yesterday announced the absorption of its listed rival Quabit, creating a giant in the residential development sector. The group resulting from the merger will have a land portfolio with a gross value of some €2 Bn for the development of 16,000 homes. Also a gross development value of some €4.5 Bn. The operation will place Neinor behind Metrovacesa and Aedas in Spain’s real estate ranking. Metrovacesa has land valued at €2.626 Bn for the development of 36,000 homes, while Aedas has a land bank of approximately €2.16 Bn or 15,700 homes.

Value Or Growth Companies?

Ofelia Marín- Lozano | For some sectors there has not been a stock market crisis. However, others – banks, telecoms, oil,… – have in nine months gone from trading at 19x PER to trading at less than 5x. If everything returns to ‘normal,’ this does not seem sustainable. As a example, in Spain, for the price of the largest retailer (Inditex), we have the two largest banks (Santander and BBVA), the largest insurance company (Mapfre) or the largest oil company (Repsol).

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Shareholders Rights Directive II – A Good Plan For Greater And Long-Term Engagement… If We Find Out How To Get There

Pedro Saá * (Computershare) | SRDII, as it is commonly known, means a deep restructuring of the pipes of the communication from issuers to investors and a refurbishment of processes related the execution of shareholders rights and the transmission of holdings information to issuers. SRDII and, more precisely, the abrupt implementation without a proper testing phase, is highlighting the real hurdles to achieve the ultimate goals. 

The price of housing in Spain could fall by 5% in 2021

Continuing the negative trend already observed in 2020, when this type of asset depreciated by 3.7%, housing prices could fall 5% in 2021. On the other hand, a certain recovery in the volume of sales and purchases is expected this year, with up to 480,000 transactions compared to 450,000 last year; in 2019, almost 570,000 property sales and purchases were recorded. 

IAG, Spanish Investors’ Favourite Stock In 2020

The shares of IAG, Iberia’s parent company, were the most traded by Spanish investors in 2020, said the European online broker Degiro, while Tesla Motors’ shares were the most traded in Europe this year. IAG’s shares are followed by Banco Santander’s, the Chinese electric vehicle company NIO (listed on the New York Stock Exchange) and the US manufacturer Tesla, on the Nasdaq.

Spanish Construction And Engineering Sectors Propose A €100 Bn Investment Plan

Seopan, the employers’ association for the large Spanish construction companies, together with the engineering firm’s Tecniberia, have proposed a €100.428 Bn infrastructure investment plan. This could generate some 1.4 M jobs until 2026 with 2,277 actions in 10 macro-projects and 32 investment lines. All Spanish administrations’ tenders in public works fell by 31% to €12.7 Bn in 2020.

Car Registrations Fell By 11.8% In France In December, While In Spain They Rose By 0.1%

The poor sales data in the main EU countries will eventually be reflected in production volumes, which we estimate in Q4’20 have evolved above the sales curve and will tend to adjust to the reality of the market. Even more so if we consider that the implementation of the new WLTP type-approval cycle as of January 1st will lead to an increase in the retail price of vehicles.

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Tourism In Spain Ends 2020 With Worst Figures In 25 Years

The latest data until October shows that Spain received 17.9 M international tourists in the first ten months of the year. Meanwhile, spending declined by 77.3%. On its part, Exceltur expected levels of tourism GDP and income from foreign tourism to fall by €106.16 Bn in 2020 down to €46.43Bn, equivalent to the levels of 1995.