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The 12,000 Spanish SMEs Selling On Amazon Exported €650 M In 2020, 30% More Yr-on-Yr

Amazon published yesterday the “Report on the impact of Amazon on Spanish SMEs 2021,” where it flags that the 12,000 Spanish small and medium-sized companies sellling on Amazon have registered more than 650 million euros in exports in 2020. This is an increase of more than 30% compared to the previous year. In addition, they have created more than 30,000 jobs in Spain and another 3,000 abroad. Despite the difficulties…

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IBEX 35 Companies Increase Treasury Shares By 38.7% In 2020

IBEX 35© companies increased their treasury shares by 38.7% last year, according to a report by BME’s Research Department. At the end of 2020, the total value of treasury shares held by companies in the index was 3.3 billion euros, which represents 0.63% of the IBEX 35©’s total capitalisation. This was largely due to the 27.2% decrease in the amount of own shares amortised: 4 billion, compared with 5.7 billion in 2019.

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20 Million People Working In Spain: A Real Opportunity?

Social Security registers a record high of 19,500,277 people affiliated in June in Spain, In addition, there are still 447,800 people affected by temporary layoffs. Infojobs conjectures that the trend of job creation will consolidate in the medium term. With Social Security enrollment at an all-time high and the European funds still to arrive, is a real opportunity 20 million people working in Spain?


Caixabank, Unions Reach An Agreement: There Will Be 6,452 Departures, 15% Of The Workforce

Caixabank (CABK) has finally reached an agreement with the unions to carry out an adjustment plan of 6,452 employees, equivalent to 15% of the workforce, after reducing the initial proposal by 1,839 people (22%). The departures are expected to take place between November this year and March 2022. And all of them will be voluntary. According to analysts, the associated impact on the profit and loss account is estimated at…


Pension Agreement: Escrivá Has Done What He Could

Fernando González Urbaneja | Escrivá manages to push through the first chapter of the reform book, which has two sides: guaranteeing purchasing power (more costs) and lengthening the retirement age, along the lines of the 2011 reform.To justify the budgetary subsidies to the system, which could distort and politicise it, the argument of “inappropriate expenditure” is used, which is a flexible box where everything that needs to be put in can fit.

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Photovoltaics, The Queen Of Renewable Energies In Spain Over The Next Ten Years

Intermoney | No beating around the bush. The generation of energy through photovoltaic technology is one of the keys to Spain’s economic recovery. at the beginning of 2020, before the arrival of COVID-19, more than 59,000 people were working in photovoltaic. 59,000 people were working in photovoltaics, including direct and indirect jobs, with a direct contribution to GDP of 0.24%, and these figures are expected to increase over the next ten years, making our country an international photovoltaic hub.


Spain, Second Largest Investor In Latin America, Behind The US

Spain was the second largest investor in Latin America in stock during 2019 (150 billion), behind the US (260 billion) and ahead of the Netherlands (143 billion), Luxembourg (106 billion), Canada (73 billion), Chile (62 billion), France (47 billion) and Germany, Korea and Italy (38 billion).

Spanish mortgages market

Mortgages In Spain: 140,000 Euros At 24 Years, At 2.5%

According to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), the number of mortgages taken out on homes increased by 32.1% in April at a year-on-year rate, to 31,909. Of this figure, 58.5% were taken out at a fixed rate, representing an all-time high. However, it should be noted the comparison is based on a month which last year was affected by the state of alarm, with non-essential activity suspended. For…