Spain Is The Favourite Tourist Destination In Europe With 46.4% Of Total Flight Bookings For The Summer

spain tourismTourists and umbrellas on a Spanish beach

The main Spanish hotel companies are concerned about the limited number of bookings for Easter, although they are confident that demand will be reactivated if the vaccination process is accelerated, which would make it possible to close a summer season at least better than that of 2020.

In this regard, the big news yesterday was the announcement of de-escalation plans in the UK. Although the plan is expected to be long and slow, and could be completed by the end of June, confidence in a more than positive vaccination campaign in the country, with 17.5 million doses delivered, will allow the country to start a “path to freedom” that is “cautious and irreversible”. Germany is also focusing on greater levels of flexibility, which yesterday was reflected in the strong rebound of values linked to tourism and, in general, of sectors linked to the cycle.

With the hopes of reaching a certain level of normality in the second half of 2021, Spain continues to lead the ranking of preferred destinations for travel. Spain is the European country where most flight reservations have been made for the months of June, July and August, with 46.4% of the total, ahead of Greece (14.3%) and Portugal (12.8%), according to the digital marketing company Sojern.