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ECB: Ending The QE Chapter With Italy “On Its Own”

The ECB could announce a short taper to December current week. The central bank has to be consistent if QE is ending this year and, hence, according to BoAML’s analysts it has to send a reaffirming message on three criteria: convergence, confidence, resilience.

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Follow The Fund flows in 2016: QE in the driving seat

BoAML | QE drove fund flows in 2016, but the past two months was all about reversing this trend. All-in-all, commodities, EM debt and IG were the winners; equities and HY the losers. For example, last week’s flows HG: +$1.6bn / HY: +$1.1bn / Equities: -$40mn

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QE Comes Of Age

BoAML | The last few months have been jammed with corporate bond issuance in Europe: refinancing deals, M&A supply, foreign issuers, debut names and unrated bonds, for instance. Mario Draghi spoke highly of the Corporate Sector Purchase Programme at the last ECB meeting, and we think it reflects precisely this. The central bank has been able to quickly generate corporate bond supply (and buy it), helping to counter the frustrations with low sovereign debt issuance.

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The Effect Of QE On Corporate Debt: More Speculation, Not Investment

Now the most important companies can finance themselves at the same price as the government – at practically 0% – and they have benefited from this…But it doesn’t mean that these optimal conditions are fuelling a greater amount of real investment: companies have taken advantage of this to pay more dividends and reward shareholders with buybacks.


Spain risk premium falls below 100 bp thanks to QE

Mari Pinardo | Do you remember the summer of 2012, when Spain’s risk premium reached a record high of no less than 638 basis points? Four summers later, this spread seems like it belongs to a completely different country. Since that fateful summer, Spain’s sovereign risk has declined nearly 550 bp and just last week broke the 100 bp threshold. There are basically three reasons which have pushed the risk premium through the 100 bp threshold: a date for Spain’s caretaker Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s investiture, the economic policies which have been in place in the Eurozone since April 2015 and the fact that it looks less likely the Fed will raise interest rates in September.

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Greece Risks Fall As Potential For Debt Relief, QE Rise

UBS | Positive developments for Greece and broader European assets Monday’s Eurogroup on Greece contained a number of positive developments relating to the country’s on-going programme review as well as debt relief. We expect those developments to support Greek and broader European risk assets, where we have argued for upside (see most recently “Which risks to fade; which risks to take” ).

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The ECB Corporate QE’s Charm Is In The Details

AXA IM | The technical details of the ECB’s corporate QE programme, the corporate sector purchasing programme (CSPP), released last Thursday, cemented our constructive view about its impact on credit markets. The CSPP details matched or exceeded market expectations, adding to the positive spread momentum that has been in motion since the initial CSPP announcement on 9 March.