Spain Is In Early Stages Of Current Economic Cycle Begun In 2014; But How Long Will It Last?

Morgan Stanley | The party is not yet over. Spain’s economic growth has only just begun. According to Morgan Stanley’s macroeconoimsts, the last Spanish cycles have lasted increasingly longer, from ’82 to ’93 and from ’94 to ‘2013.

So how long will the cycle which began in 2014 last?


The recovery over the last few years has led to a substantial improvement in the outlook for firms and households, with sentiment picking up.

The next element of growth, maybe as a result of this improvement in sentiment and the benign financial conditions in Europe, will be increased gearing.


Spain is one of the favourite regions on a European level. It’s clearly a good alternative to Italy where, although we don’t want to be prophets of doom, the latest political changes increase uncertainty.