Spanish banks meet ECB’s capital ratios

Despite its small size, Liberbank also fulfilled high solvency requirements and a recommendation of 8.5%; whereas the lowest requirement is that of Popular Bank, which registers the minimum level of the sector under Basel III: 7%. Market watchers at Bankinter say: “All entities have capital ratios above the recommended by the ECB.”

Thus, according to the Basel III rules (“fully loaded”), Santander’s solvency ratio reaches 10.2% after the recent capital increase; BBVA reaches 10.10% (vs. the recommended 9.0%); Caixabank registers 12.70% (vs. 8.0%); Bankia records 10.5% (vs. 8%); Sabadell reaches 11.30% (vs. 8%); Popular is at 10.40% (vs. 7%), and Liberbak registers 13.5% (vs. 8.5%).


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