Credit deterioration in the euro zone hits rock bottom

MADRID | By Carlos Díaz Güell | Trend of credit fall in euro zone core countries as well as in peripheral ones has shifted direction thorought 2013: it moderated in Europe’s periphery while slowing down in central economies.The rate between credit and deposits has moved under 100% for the first time, which illustrates the euro zone strong deleveraging process.

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The Fed has Showed Why Fiscal Policy is Still Important

NEW YORK | By Mike Konczal via Next New Deal | One way of judging how the economy evolved in 2013 is to compare it to the Federal Reserve’s projections of it. As some market monetarists believe, these projections aren’t neutral projections of inflation and growth but also a communication of what the Fed thinks about what it can accomplish. So, how did the Fed’s projections for 2013 turn out? Did the economy end up how the Fed said it would when it announced expanded monetary policy?

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Happy risky 2013

MADRID | by Citigroup’s José Luis Martínez Campuzano | “There is, unfortunately, some shared ground between Europe and the US: the apparent impossibility to reach major political accords on economic policies.”