ACS bid for Abertis


ACS, Atlantia may have agreed to inject €10 BN capital into Abertis

Renta 4 | ACS may have reached an agreement with its partner Atlantia to inject capital into Abertis with the aim of making infraestructure acquisitions. According to press reports, the owners of Abertis, ACS (30% direct stake, 20% – 1 share via Hochtief) and Atlantia (50% + 1 share) could have agreed to inject capital in the concessionary in order to make new infrastructure acquisitions. In addition, to extend some…


ACS And Atlantia Will Share Control Of Abertis

So here is the final chapter in the story of the bid for Abertis: ACS and Atlantia have agreed to share management of the new company they will create to buy Abertis, in which they will each hold a 50% stake. Both companies want to keep the current management team. The chairman will be Spanish and Abertis’ HQ will be in Madrid.