Banco Popular

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Popular to purchase Citibank’s retail banking business in Spain

MADRID | By Ana Fuentes | After months of conversations and rumours, Citi is closing a deal with Spanish Banco Popular to sell its retail banking business in Spain, including 45 branches and 300 employees, sources close to the operation confirmed to The Corner’s Spanish stock markets site Consenso del Mercado on Thursday.

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Investors’ appetite for Spanish banks grow

MADRID| By Francisco López| Spain’s banking sector wholesale maturities will reach € 88,000 million in 2014 and € 72,000 million in 2015. Experts forecast that more than half will be financed via foreign markets.Only BBVA estimates to sell around € 7,000 million in bonds and covered bonds.

Roberto Higuera

“German banks haven’t been supervised the way the Spanish have”

By Revista Consejeros | Roberto Higuera, deputy president of Banco Popular: “When they had trouble with Hypo Ryal more than €100 billion were needed, whereas in Spain it turned out that we could do with less than €40 billion. What marked the difference is that Spain had to ask for help, while Germany put the money from its own pocket.”