Bankia and Caixabank merger

Santiago Fernández Valbuena, President of Aedas Homes, Vice President of EBN Banco and board member of Ferrovial

“The CaixaBank-Bankia Operation Is The Teaming Up Of Two Peas In A pod”

Manuel Moreno Capa | “The concentration of entities is a mantra of the ECB and the EBA. For me it is not evident that the reduction of costs -slow and expensive- is going to make profitability appear where there is none. Caixabank and Bankia are the outcome of several large mergers and takeovers from the 2009 round. Therefore they have not overcome their difficulties,” said Santiago Fernández Valbuena, president of Aedas Homes, vice-president of EBN Bank and director of Ferrovial.


Bankia And Caixabank Will Create The Largest Bank In Spain, Streets Ahead Of BBVA And Santander

Bankia and Caixabank have communicated that they are at a preliminary talks stage for a possible merger that would be carried out through an exchange of shares. For the time being, no agreement has been reached. The merger would create a lender with total assets of €664 Bn (according to data from Q2’20). So it would be the leading Spanish bank by volume of assets. It would combine a network of offices (including those of CaixaBank’s Portuguese subsidiary) with 6,700 branches and staff of over 51,000.