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Bankinter prior 2Q19: market situation will be noticeable in net commissions

Renta 4 | Bankinter is publishing its 2Q19 results on July 25, 2019 before the opening of the market. Maintain. Target price 8.1 eur / share. Our estimates point to a net interest margin of 284 million euros, + 5% yoy, and + 3% vs 1Q19 in a quarter where we could see some improvement in the MI / ATM (1.48 % R4e vs. 1.46% in 1Q19). 

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Bankinter Q119: credit portfolio continues to increase profitability

Renta4 | Q119 results are below our estimates across the whole account: -3% in interest margins; -4% in gross profits; -2% in net margin for lower operational costs than expected and -4% in net profits. Compared to the consensus, slightly below in interest margins and gross profits (-1% in both cases), and 1% above in net margins and net profits.

Bankinter's profits increased by 7% in the first nine months of the year

Bankinter Lists At The Most Demanding PER In Spanish Banking Sector

Bankinter has been the first Spanish bank to publish its results. The bank´s shares have risen a modest 0.11% despite the good evolution of its business in the first nine months of the year. In this period profits increased by 7%, its ROE increased to 13.0 and its non- performing assets improved to 3.2%.