Brexit talks

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson Pushes Unreason To An Extreme

Peter Isackson | The Guardian offered its readers what is certainly the most comic and hyperreal sentence of the week when it reported that “Boris Johnson accused the EU of preparing to go to ‘extreme and unreasonable lengths’ in Brexit talks as he defended breaching international law amid a mounting rebellion from Tory backbenchers.”

Too many questions on Brexit – no trivial solution for an unknown territory

Britain’s Divorce Process: Another Failure In The Making

This week the EU summit has been seen as the make or break summit. As the last chance to negotiate an orderly Brexit. It looked like a possibility during this intensive weekend in Brussels and it prompted rumors that a full agreement might be imminent. All of a sudden we were drowning in rumors and assertions, whirl and swirl secret deals being cooked up between the EU and the UK ahead of another crunch EU leaders summit on Wednesday.

Theresa May repeats Alexis Tsipras’ mistake

Theresa May Repeats Alexis Tsipras’ Mistake

Nick Ottens via Atlantic Sentinel | When Greece resisted demands for spending cuts from its creditors last year, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras appealed to the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, for talks with the other 27 heads of government. Theresa May clearly hasn’t learned Tsipras’ lesson.