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China reopening already noticeable: industrial production and retail sales up 2.4% and 3.5% in February

Bankinter : Several positive data in China. While Retail Sales (Jan+Feb) improve to +3.5% year-on-year, as expected vs -1.8% previously, Industrial Production (Jan+Feb) improves to +2.4% year-on-year vs +2.6% esp. and +1.3% previously. Also, the Unemployment Rate (Feb) rebounds to 5.6% vs 5.3% esp. and 5.5% previously. Finally, the PBoC injected the largest amount of liquidity since December 2020 via a medium-term credit line. Specifically, it amounted to CNY 281…

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China Has A Buffer For Contingencies

Intermoney | China surpassed its economic growth previous to the health crisis. Specifically it recorded 6.5% per year in Q4’20, when in the same period in 2019 it grew by 6%. Thus guaranteeing China’s rapid recovery, while also highlighting the country’s margin for facing up to any temporary turbulence linked to the resurgence of COVID-19. Furthermore, China would encourage the population to continue working to limit the number of people returning to their places of origin during the New Year celebrations.


China: Small Data, Big Impact

Unemployment in China, which rose to 6.2% in February, is down to 5.4% in September – only marginally higher than 5.2% in December 2019. Industrial production increased 6.9% year on year in September – the highest increase since December 2019. This data point has vindicated the strong recovery in Purchasing Managers Indices (PMIs) – which are important, but only show month on month change in activity. Retail sales – an important barometer of consumer wellbeing – have also bounced back and risen by 3.3% year on year in September after being negative between January and July this year.

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China’s Tourism Sector Faces its first test as population start to travel again

Fidelity | Over 100 million travellers hit the Chinese roads during the five-day May Day holiday, the first major test for domestic tourism demand since the Covid-19 containment measures began to be lifted. International travel remains out of the question, but clear signs of a gradual recovery in Chinese domestic tourism could give other countries a boost in confidence as they look to the future.

china recovery

China’s Recipes For Its Most Difficult Year: Margin And Economic Policies

CaixaBank Research | China is responding with economic policy space to deal with the coronavirus. On the one hand, measures will be taken in 1H20 to support the sectors having the greatest difficulties. On the other hand, a significant fiscal stimulus package is expected to provide investment in the 2H20. The set of measures will be beneficial, as they will facilitate a full recovery of China’s economy, although they will also increase the deficit in a country with an already high level of corporate debt (150% of GDP).