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What Icelandic business practices can (possibly) tell us about China

LONDON | July 13, 2015 | By Sigrún Davídsdóttir | Many controlling shareholders in China have pledged shares as collateral for bank loans – this was a common practice in Iceland up to the October 2008 banking collapse. Now this practice seems to be causing share trading suspensions in China.

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China: It’s either pure growth or rebalancing

MADRID | The Corner | As markets continue to worry about China’s slowing growth, an increasing number of observers believe that Beijing is at a crossroads. Chinese authorities have a decision to make: should they choose  to simply focus on the numbers or to increase quality? According to a Morgan Stanley analyst on Thursday, it is a case of “either-or” for the Asian giant’s. With the country highly leveraged and its economic imbalances also coming into focus, the time appears to have arrived for the Chinese to plot a definitive roadmap for the way ahead.

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China: “Growth has stabilized, but strong recovery unlikely”

SHANGHAI | Op-ed by Hong Hao at Caixin |  Relaxing restrictions on property purchases, reintroducing discount mortgages or even further monetary easing are likely, given the importance of the property sector in the economy and its multiplier effects. No one is willing to be held responsible for an ugly crash in China. This is one certainty among the many uncertainties that the market is facing. But nor is anyone willing to inflate the property bubble further.

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China: Investing in the future

BEIJING | By Andy Xie via Caixin | Stimulus proposals won’t transform the economy in China, but spending on industrial research, building megacities and globalizing the white collar labor force will.