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From brick and mortar to stocks and shares; China’s new investment frenzy

Until very recently, Chinese investors’ preferred choice was the real estate sector. Chronic new housing oversupply led many to fear an eventual burst of the real state bubble and to abandon their brick and mortar investment ambitions. Looking for fresh alternatives, many are rushing into the buying of shares in the local stock exchanges. The number of individual investment accounts grew 400% in the first quarter of this year.

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Western real estate markets: The new horizon for Chinese investors

A fourth wave of Chinese investors keen to explore growth opportunities is emerging, according to a recent report from the consultancy firm Knight Frank. And experts predict that the trend will grow further in the coming years, fostering greater synergies between Chinese real estate agents and overseas Chinese investors. The goals  and strategies of this new investor are more diversified; with a special focus in new and secondary markets, and away from major cities such as London, New York. Countries like Spain and Portugal are able to provide additional perks, such as programmes through which investors can obtain residence permits.