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The Construction Sector Wants To Attract 200,000 Workers On Temporary Layoffs From The Hospitality Industry

The construction sector aims to take in workers who are currently on temporary lay-offs and who work in the tourism or hotel and catering sectors in order for them to be trained in the new techniques that are already being used in construction. In contrast to the evolution of these two sectors, still heavily affected by the pandemic and with companies in difficulties that could lead these workers to permanent unemployment, the construction sector has already recovered all the employment lost since the outbreak of the health crisis and even surpassed it.

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How Could A New Wave Of Infrastructure Spending Impact The Construction Sector?

UBS | As attention turns towards fiscal stimulus as a means to drive global growth, infrastructure investment is considered a politically feasible way to justify government spending. Despite increased focus, however, deploying additional meaningful funds for infrastructure spending is never easy. The US infrastructure, for instance, has received intermittent attention over the last several years.

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UK house prices are going… up

LONDON | This is what happens when the size of your construction sector remains under the 10 percent per GDP level, and the cost of credit for the State and the country’s banking sector is mild enough as to allow a slow deleverage process. The Nationwide house price index reported Thursday that UK house prices edge up by 0.3% in May. Over the last eighteen months, house prices have been remarkably stable…

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UK’s construction sector crumbles a further 18pc, but not to worry

LONDON | The second release of UK GDP figures shed some light on the surprisingly large decline in GDP in the first quarter. The revised figures showed an even larger drop in the construction sector, with -18% or a -1.3% contribution to quarterly GDP growth. Not to worry, said JP Morgan in Monday’s note. Even if the figures are correct, however, the sector only represents 8% of economy (unlike in some other…