depreciation of the euro

Euro trade weighted exchange rate

Impact of a weaker euro could add up to 0.1% to EMU GDP

The Corner | April 15, 2015 | According to Barclays, the boost from lower oil prices on household consumption has materialised and has been stronger than expected, while the ECB’s aggressive QE has exceeded their already high expectations, creating the most favourable monetary and financial conditions since the start of EMU. 

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Further depreciation of the Euro due to poor eurozone data

MADRID | By Francisco López | The latest movements within currency markets function as a gauge of the economic momentum in both Europe and the US. The decline of the Euro against the Dollar has increased in the last few days due to poor macroeconomic data in the eurozone, which is in sharp contrast with the vigour shown by the US (who showed growth of 3.5% in the third quarter of 2014).