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Will the dollar lose its exorbitant power to the Euro or the RMB? Not just yet

Alicia García Herrero (Natixis) | The US dollar has officially ruled the international monetary system since the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944. No other currency has been able to challenge the dollar notwithstanding the ups and down of the US economy both in terms of growth but also inflation. Notwithstanding its overall dominance, things are changing. This is particularly true for the waning share of the US dollar in the…

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Can non-U.S. equities overcome a strong U.S. dollar?

Steve Caruthers & Steven Sperry (Capital Group) | There’s no denying that the relentless rise of the U.S. dollar has been challenging for investors in non-U.S. equities. The currency translation effect (that is, losses and gains resulting from the conversion of non-U.S. investment returns into U.S. dollars) has dented global equity portfolio results. There are two ways currency movements can affect investors. In addition to translation effects at the portfolio…

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Ready for a strong dollar?

MADRID | The Corner | The dollar is set to rise, mostly as monetary policies of the Fed, ECB and BoJ are set to diverge dramatically, the greenback trend being intact and the cheap valuations, analysts at Barclays commented.

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Are we talking about deflation?

MADRID | The Corner | Which is the real origin of the deflationist pressure that the global economy is facing? A greater desire of saving money than investing at a global scale, experts at Morgan Stanley point out. The eurozone, Japan and the most stable emerging countries have a greater control over their domestic interest rates, whereas China, whose currency is pegged to the USD, will also import deflation -something Beijing won’t like.