draghi’s QE


Spain risk premium falls below 100 bp thanks to QE

Mari Pinardo | Do you remember the summer of 2012, when Spain’s risk premium reached a record high of no less than 638 basis points? Four summers later, this spread seems like it belongs to a completely different country. Since that fateful summer, Spain’s sovereign risk has declined nearly 550 bp and just last week broke the 100 bp threshold. There are basically three reasons which have pushed the risk premium through the 100 bp threshold: a date for Spain’s caretaker Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s investiture, the economic policies which have been in place in the Eurozone since April 2015 and the fact that it looks less likely the Fed will raise interest rates in September.

Eurozone big gobs are borrowing at really low rates

Draghi’s QE

MADRID | March 10, 2015 | By Luis Arroyo | Six years after the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England launched their QE programmes, the ECB proceeded on Monday. Will Mario Draghi at least have the same partial success as his peers? That is, being able to slowly revive the economy and restore hope that the situation is getting back on track. In the graph above, see how five EZ governments are already borrowing at super low rates.